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SEO Services: What To Know

Google is today’s phone book.  When people search for stuff they need, they search for can be trusted to deliver.  Business owners that seek to dominate are rapidly leveraging this medium.   SEO, or search engine optimization, is simply being highly visible on Google.  The goal with any marketing is to get a strong ROI that will only come with the right blend of strategy and methodology.

While pay-per-click still works, most people skip them and go straight to organically-listed businesses; being 80% more likely to click on an organic result than an ad because people know there has to be some semblance of trust with Google to get on page one.

Trust is everything & ranking organically is how you get there.

The SEO Process

We are an on-purpose, minimalistic SEO agency with a focus on getting your business ranking well coupled with effective conversion to get you quality leads for you to close.

Our focus is your ROI.  We will show you exactly WHAT to do and WHY to do it.   No contracts, just results.


On-Page SEO:  Many factors affect Google rankings.  The top 20% of effort affects 80% of the results.  Our focus is to do leverage the right stuff with Google that leads to better ranking results. The goal is to help you become the authority in your market and leverage your website as a digital asset that grows revenues. 

Citations:  These are online directories like Yellow Pages, SuperPages, Yelp, etc… Now, being in these directories will not guarantee great rankings but it DOES signal to Google you are a legitimate business, with consistent, accurate information across the Internet.   The more you are in, done right, the better.

Back links:  Back linking is like a popularity contest: the more votes your site gets from other trusted sites in Google’s eyes, the better your site ranks.  Good association signals Google you are worthy of being trusted.   With a winning strategy, the cards are proactively stacked in your favor.


Married to my beautiful wife of 15 years and blessed with two amazing kids.  I’m happiest when outside; hiking the mountains, kaying on lakes or rivers, going for a run or workout out.  Working on me, mentally, physically & spiritually is always in play.

Our SEO and business consultancy has been going after it since 2016.  I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to coach & train 100’s of business owners


We have worked hard to achieve a lifestyle that allows us to travel and live where we want.  Our location-independent business coupled with us homeschooling the kids, we reside on Florida’s Gulf Coast Winter/Spring and Upstate New York in the Summer/Fall.

If you own or run a business and are looking to get the ball moving downfield with more revenue, feel free to contact us above.

What Clients Think...

“Ed is truly an Expert in Search Engine Optimization. He was able to understand my business needs and customize a plan of action that has yielded results for my business. My Business has been so positively impacted by Ed’s consulting and knowledge!” – Sammy C.

“I am overly impressed with Ed, his team and the quality service they provide. After having minimal results with other “SEO Experts” I was referred to Ed by a good friend & colleague of mine. Within days of switching I saw immediate results & increased rankings to my website. I receive frequent updates on my rankings which continue to increase week after week. Eds communication, knowledge & willingness to help has been absolutely astounding! Highly Recommended!” – Kris B.

“Ed is by far the best most effective and results oriented Search Engine Optimization expert that I know! I’ve seen firsthand what he can do for your business by achieving page one rankings within the search engines and especially Google. Give him a shot, you won’t be sorry!!!” – Tim O.