The SEO Process Trifecta

On-Page SEO:  There are many factors that go into getting your website visible and ranking with Google. We count over a dozen key areas that must be addressed to ensure each page of your website is seen by Google but, more importantly, trusted by Google.  We tackle each of these areas with a highly effective methodology. Further, if you went to Google, searched “Frank Sinatra,” you will see who comes up.  Guess who? Wikipedia.  Why is that?  Because they have earned Google’s trust as the authority on all-things Frank Sinatra.  Look at how much unique content they provide, now, with millions of people relying on them because they rank so well on Google.  That is the goal with your website:  have more quality, unique, authoritative content that tells Google you are the trusted authority in your market.   It is a BIG time commitment, coupled with the right posting and linking strategies but makes a world of difference.

Citations:  These are online directories like Yellow Pages, SuperPages, Yelp, Manta etc… Now, being in all these directories will not guarantee you great ranking BUT it does signal to Google that you are a legitimate business, with consistent, accurate information about your business across the Internet.   The more directories you are in, done right, the first time, the better!

Backlinks:  It is is all about control.  Backlinks are like a popularity contest: the more votes your site gets from other trusted sites in Google’s eyes, the better your site ranks.  We implement a strategy that will direct high quality links to your site that will increase your ranking and keep you there. SEO is constantly evolving and changing.  Google wants to serve its end users with quality, topical and geographically-relevant content more than ever, making it harder to differentiate and compete in your market.  With a winning strategy, the cards are proactively stacked in your favor.  Invest in your business with our SEO services today!

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“I am pleased to work with Ed as he is a hard-working and professional individual. His work ethic and creativity are extremely professional, along with his proactive diligence to better our business.   I would highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to get noticed.” – Rick Wohlfiel

“In this fast paced world of SEO, Lead Generation, and Client acquisition the competition with large SEO Agencies can be brutal.   After diving into Ed’s course I immediately identified my biggest barrier to success. The barrier was ME!  Ed took me from fearful to prospect and talk to business owners to FEARLESS!  And , because of what he taught me in this course I just this week landed and closed an SEO deal with a B2B client that is going to basically hand 120 potential new clients over to me for my services.   Since taking this course starting in January I have now presently closed 23 monthly SEO & PPC Clients.  Thanks Ed! I would not be where I am today without you!” – Eric Corrick

“I had Ed come in and do some business consulting for me. Ed’s knowledge of internet marketing and business in general is amazing. I am super motivated after speaking to him to implement his processes and watch my own business boom. Anyone in business should consider a consultation with him as the results will blow you away.” – AJ Van

“Ed helped me out with my business website and I couldn’t have been happier. I have recommended him and will continue to do as he is continuously checking in on my business and growth. Great guy always willing to help!” – Andrew Liszewski

If you are a business owner or marketer and you want to take your business to the next level I say you look into what Ed has to offer. He has a no nonsense approach to what he teaches and it works. Finally a person who delivers what he promises.  Thank you Ed!” – Jason Arrington

“What can I say here that hasn’t already been said?! Ed’s consulting has helped me rethink my way of approaching prospects in practically every single respect. Like so many discover, I found the biggest frustration to my success was ME getting in the way. Changing one’s habits isn’t easy and isn’t something accomplished overnight…but I’ve been finding more and more success with focusing on consistency and being diligent to show up in the areas where I’ve tended to hide. In fact, after my last consult with Ed, I was able to really connect with a business owner in a notoriously difficult niche for me – and ALL because he challenged me to adjust my thinking! You can’t beat this kind of mentorship, y’all!” – Stephanie Fazekas Myers

“I have been working with Ed on strategic marketing for my construction business. He is extremely knowledgeable and understands how local business works. His work on search engine optimization achieved immediate results. His energy is contagious and he is a pleasure to work with.” – Brian Mininger

Ed’s attention to details and ability to be personable, mindful and caring for his customers and of the relationship he builds with them is like no other. You not only get value and results with Ed, you get someone who truly cares.” – Leona Sheppard

“Ed brings great energy and accountability to his business relationships! He consistently adds value to any relationship by always focusing on the client and their needs. Every time you talk to Ed the enthusiasm he brings to a conversation is contagious. As a small business owner you seek that energy from people you work with to recharge you and continually move forward!” – Jason Federico

“We needed to modernize and refresh our boat club website but my web building skills were old school and never great anyway; my artistic and creative skills non-existent. So I needed help to get a framework I could continue to build upon and maintain as the newly appointed webmaster and Ed was referred to me. He listened to what I needed to do for the club, offered suggestions, came up with a great concept and recommended a better method of hosting, authoring and maintaining.  As a not-for-profit club, funding is limited and he worked beyond those limits to give me more than a foundation to work from but a web site I have built further upon and continues to help me as I learn more.  In the words of our Commodore “we have the best website in the council” thanks to Ed’s efforts, patience and professionalism.  I highly recommend him.  Note: this was also all done remotely – phone, web page sharing, etc.  No matter where you are, Ed will deliver!”  – Ian Coulthard 

“Ed provides results- Hard working and honest professional!” – Sarah Sherwin

“Ed brings great energy and accountability to his business relationships! He consistently adds value to any relationship by always focusing on the client and their needs. Every time you talk to Ed the enthusiasm he brings to a conversation is contagious. As a small business owner you seek that energy from people you work with to recharge you and continually move forward!” – Tom Willemann

“I have had Ed on Team FearLess Nation since January, and it’s only mid-March, but he has helped me establish a STRONG (can’t stress that word enough) standing online to help bring in new clients.  I run a martial arts school in the New Port Richey area and it has been a night and day difference, having Ed on the team!  I used to think that my industry couldn’t really benefit from online marketing, like other companies do, but boy, did he prove me wrong!  Asking the question, “How did you hear about us?”  I’ve gone from getting answers like, “that sign you have somewhere,” to “I searched for martial arts in Google!”  Ed’s now a permanent member of the team!  He’s too easy to work with , not to have him on the team!  I really cannot recommend him highly enough!” – Phil Lopez

“Ed is fast, efficient, and attentive. I highly recommend his services to anyone trying to step their game up!” – Mark Darmetko