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Belief is at the heart of it all

Belief in you & what you are doing is so important for succeeding in anything at life.

I believe fear & doubt cannot exist where faith & belief are. For me, it’s can be a daily battle to overcome any negative that tries to creep in. Some days are not as good as I’d like but my focus is to keep progressing & pursuing what draws me closer to my goals.

We all can be our own worst enemy. The battle often is in our minds. Reading positive books & having great association are sure fire ways to help beat down those things that try to keep us from our goals.

Be proactive & go on the offense!

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getting the right perspective about circumstances


How many times have I had to deal with a challenging situation that I’ve approached it with the wrong perspective? TOO MANY.

I have learned, or should say, I am learning, that we go through struggles & challenges because life is hard, it’s not ever going to get easy. I have prayed countless times, “God, please take away this pain, or get me out of this situation” when in reality I should have been asking “God, what is it you want me to LEARN through this situation? What do I need to change about ME to get over this?”

It’s all about perspective. Circumstances don’t define the man, they reveal the man. We have to be tough & committed that we are first going to overcome them but also look for ways we can improve in areas of our lives that allow us to be more productive, develop more confidence, more discipline, more patience, more maturity.

When we focus on how we can become better through stuff, we can make a bigger, positive impact on others & become who God created us to be.

time management

Listened to an audio recently on time management & heard a great quote: “Be where you are.” In other words, we should be focused on the task or activity we are currently engaged in & not feel guilty or allow ourselves to get distracted. Example, if I have an hour block of time with my kids, the phone goes away, I don’t do anything work-related.  I give 100% of my energy to what I am doing during that pre-determined block of time.  Same goes for work:  if I have to make a bunch of phone calls, I block out a full hour to do it.  I do NOT check email, do any research etc…  When we live this way we become more productive & the feeling of guilt like we are not being effective goes away.

I am not perfect at this & have caught myself on my phone w/ the kids.  What it shows them, indirectly, is that I am not putting them first. It is VERY important to have a schedule.  In fact, I would go so far to say it would be a great idea to have an old-fashioned print calendar so everything can be written on it in blocks of time.  This is my approach that I have adopted & I am already feeling more productive & accomplished.

A great complementary article offering solid nuggets to help gain perspective & direction with the concept of time management.

courage is not the absence of fear…

It is said “courage is not the absence of fear but doing it in spite of fear.” We must remember 3 things:

1) Courage begins with an inward battle – we must overcome ourselves & live outside our comfort zones – our greatest battle lies within each of us.

2) Courage is taking a stand for what is right, it deals with the principle of the matter, not merely perception.

3) Courage is about overcoming things so we can inspire others to do the same “when one man stands with courage, the spines of others stiffen around him.”

Fear & doubt will exist with or without courage but when we exhibit courage we put fear to sleep & we build confidence in our capabilities.

What one area of your life can you exhibit courage today? I promise when you do, you won’t be disappointed…

Divorce your feelings

I listened to an audio by a guy I’ve respected for his commitment to integrity in his marriage, in his business, in his relationships.  He talked much about how people are emotionally-driven creatures and it’s true.

I can recall so many times I’ve made decisions based on emotion &, all too often, they were the wrong decisions.  A couple  key points about feelings:

Feelings are schizophrenic – one minute we could be happy, 30 seconds later we could be frustrated, next minute impatient then back to happy…all in the span of a minute.  We cannot make decisions that impact the direction of our lives based on feelings.  We must make decisions based on what is TRUTH.

Feelings don’t care about consequence – it’s so easy to make a rash decision based on how we feel but it could lead to a devastating effect of long-term disappointment.   I remember deciding to quite college because I was bored & I wasted two years doing nothing.  When I went back to college to finish my degree it took me a total of six years to get a four year degree.  Feelings really don’t care about consequence.

We must learn to master our feelings & emotions if we are going to take charge of our lives and fulfill the potential God blessed us with.