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what we focus on, we get

I love this. What are we focusing on, what are we talking about? I know I’ve got some maintenance to do in this area but at least I have acknowledged my short-comings & can work on them.

Life Excellence is a worthy & noble pursuit !!!

focusing on the things that really matter

If I were to be honest I would say that there are many people who chase after things that have no real significant value.  

I was that guy.  Corporate gig, good money, BMW, but it was all a facade.  It wasn’t real & it did NOT make me happy.  

I am grateful to have realized life is about experiences, memories & great relationships.  It’s about uncovering the unlimited potential we each have through personal development.  It’s about serving others & using our talents & abilities to make other peoples’ lives better.  

PMA = Positive mental attitude

Good foundational mindset about developing & cultivating a PMA (positive mental attitude).

This is an area that, I have to admit, I’ve been inconsistent with.  I have great days & then crappy days.  My goal is to progress & have more great days than not.  It’s a lifelong journey to become better so I’ll not beat myself up for not being perfect at it.  You shouldn’t either!

The key to remember is we have to be intentional about developing it, it won’t just happen by accident.

It’s always darkest before dawn

…great principle from Napoleon Hill (& something I’ve been personally reflecting on lately):

“Every adversity carries with it the seed of equal or greater benefit.”

In other words, every challenge we face offers us the opportunity to beat it & reap great reward for doing so. Get the right perspective of your challenges & realize that your victory is just on the other side of them.   Too many people give up just before they reach that place of victory.  DON’T let that be you!

Remember, it is ALWAYS darkest just before dawn!