fear & desire

We are motivated by two emotions: fear or desire. How bad do you want what you are chasing after? It could be a career, fitness or family goal but you MUST have a white hot desire to accomplish it.

I have found there’s a huge difference between wishing for something, wanting for something & NEEDING to have something. When it becomes a NEED & you know WHY you really want it, motivation will soon follow.

What is is you NEED to have & WHY do you need it so? Go get it. I don’t believe God gives us the ability to dream & plays the role of a cosmic killjoy to tease us saying “just messing with you.

Growing or dying

We are either growing or dying. There is no middle ground. Change is a part of life, either we change in an effort to get closer to our goals or we just coast & change will happen anyway, & it will not yield the outcome we are looking for.

Be willing to change !!! It will NOT be easy but it WILL be worth it !!!