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How to Properly Fuel for a 5K…

It’s so important to adequately fuel for a race, whether it be a 5K, 10K, half or full marathon.  What we eat has a profound impact on our energy levels, our strength & overall performance.

Since a 5K is a shorter distance, there’s really no need to carb load (cutting back on fat & protein & increasing carbohydrate-heavy foods).  Carb loading is really more important for events that are at least 90 minutes in length.  The goal is to eat a balanced breakfast of 200-300 calories around 90 minutes before the race.  Focus on natural, whole, unprocessed carbs, no more than 10 grams of fiber (it could unsettle your intestines). Examples might include a bagel with a tablespoon of peanut butter & apple slices, oatmeal topped with fruit & minimal, unprocessed sugar (go with Sugar in the Raw) or greek yogurt topped with fruit & granola.   The key is to have quality carbs with lean protein.  

If it’s a later-in-the-day race, lunch should avoid high-protein or high-fat items because they are harder to digest & they likely would still be in your system longer, negatively affecting your performance.  Go with a lean meat sandwich (turkey, chicken) with vegetables but hold off on the mayo.   If hungry later, stick with a banana, a low-fat, lower-protein energy bar (Clif Bar has good options).    

Most importantly, HYDRATE.  Make sure a couple days leading up to the event you are drinking enough water.  The goal is half your body weight in fluid ounces (ie: if you weigh 180lbs, drink 90oz per day).  If you are exercising daily, increase to 75% of your body weight.  The day of the race, stick with the same game plan & have 15-20 ounces of water 2-3 hours before the race & then, about 20-30 minutes out, drink 10 ounces.  

The key is to not deviate much from what you do daily.  I recall a 5K race I ran years ago where we went out for a spicy Mexican dinner the night before.  I was in the blue room (port-potty) 20 minutes before the race & it was NOT fun.  I managed to finish well but I’m sure I could’ve done better without having it.

Have FUN, have a simple game plan, stretch (especially the hip flexors & hamstrings), know the race route (elevation changes etc., if you can), do NOT compete with anyone else & RUN YOUR RACE !!!

Baking YOUR Cake for Success

Ever bake a cake?  We all know the best way to bake a cake is to follow the instructions.  There is a recipe that someone else figured through trial & error that ensures you make the perfect cake.  If you left out one ingredient, say the flour, the cake will not taste right.  So when baking a cake we always follow the recipe without even thinking about it because we trust that the recipe will produce the result we want:  a great cake.

Success in life has a recipe, believe it or not.  What I find so interesting is people try to shortcut the process thinking there is an easier way.  If success were so easy everyone would be successful.  The recipe for success is pretty simple, yet still is not easy.  

FIRST, you need to have a goal.  It’s important to know what you want but more importantly why you want it.  A want is simply a wish.  When you know why you want it, it becomes a need & you are more intensely focused on it’s accomplishment.  

SECOND, you must have a positive attitude.  You cannot attract people or circumstances with a negative attitude.  People want to be around others that exude positivity & good energy.  There is so much negativity in the world & people, I believe, crave anything that brings good stuff into their lives.

THIRD, we must believe in ourselves.  There is really nothing we can accomplish if we don’t believe in ourselves.  When you believe in yourself, in your abilities, you feel worthy of attaining what it is you want to accomplish & you attract the right people & opportunities to you.  

FOURTH, you must have a strong work ethic.  Good things never come to the lazy & undetermined.  When we work, we must go the extra mile & separate ourselves from the masses.  It’s never crowded at the top.  One thing I have noticed in my own life is when I have worked the hardest, something changes in my mindset & I started demanding success.  It’s like I would accept nothing less than the best because of the effort I was putting in.

FIFTH, & LAST, you need to have the expectation that good things will come your way when you have the above ingredients in place in your life.  You can work hard but if you don’t believe you will get what you are working towards, you won’t attain it.   

Baking a good cake requires following the simple recipe.  Leaving a key ingredient out leaves you with a poor-tasting cake.  Success also has a recipe.  Leave out any of these ingredients & you miss out on the very blessings you could have for yourself.  Keep your game plan simple, stick to the recipe &, over time, see your goals come to pass.

If looking for ways to enhance your skills through personal development, HERE are some quotes, recommended books & videos to check out.

What Really Defines Us

Character is who you are when no one is looking. Don’t be defined by circumstance. Allow it to make you come alive at a whole new level.  We are all going to deal with junk in our lives, it’s part of life.  The beauty is we get to choose how we react to it: are we going to cower in fear & let it beat us or are we going to rise up, learn how to get through it with a good attitude?

For circumstance doesn’t define the man, it reveals THE man.

Getting The Day Started Right

Are you waking up excited to build your dreams today?  If you work for someone else, you are building their dreams but you can still fulfill yours at the same time.

Great questions to keep us in check today:

Did I get up with a great attitude, excited to attack the day ahead of me?  
Am I adding value to people around me, using my unique talents & abilities? 
Am I living proactively as opposed to reactively? 
Do I have a good, positive association of people who support, encourage & inspire me?  
Am I making time for my spouse & kids today, SHOWING them I love them & appreciate them? 
Am I investing in my own personal growth reading or listening to good books etc.? 
Am I working on improving my health & fitness?  
Am I living with passion, enthusiasm & a zest for life?

When we get caught up in the grind of the day, it’s sometimes hard to stay focused on these things.  Being intentional keeping this stuff top of mind will, over time, help us fulfill our potential & make a positive difference in our worlds.

Tips to help improve personal responsibility

Assuming more personal responsibility in our lives brings more confidence, joy, peace, clarity & direction.  Some tips I thought to share a bit off-the-cuff.  I hope this adds value to you & your efforts to implement positive changes to your own life…