Focus on what you have already Overcome

Sometimes we just have to stop being so hard on ourselves about the stuff we go through & the things we haven’t accomplished. We must get a better perspective & focus on what we have overcome. Struggles make us stronger, if we learn from them.

Life is not easy.  We really need to learn to love ourselves more & accept ourselves for who we are.  We should never compare to other people & where they are at in life.  Remember, looks can be deceiving.  Just because everything might look perfect, behind closed doors, it likely is not.  We must live our life, run our race to the best of our abilities.

I don’t always like the way medicine tastes, especially this morning…

Don’t be Insane !!!


Did you know that Thomas Edison tried 10,000 different variations of the light bulb before he came up with the one that worked? This was his philosophy, that you cannot do the same things over & over to get different results, it is insanity.

If we are not happy with our circumstances, then we must change ourselves to change our circumstances. What a crazy notion huh?

“But I don’t like change, it’s uncomfortable, I don’t know if things will work out!”

Well, how’s it going now? This is a self check for me too. Who really likes change or being uncomfortable? I don’t but it IS necessary.

Commit to change something, even a little thing & start the process. Easy to do, easy not to. But, having the right perspective, we realize it is the right thing to do.

Make today count! Stretch outside your comfort zone. You will lay your head on your pillow tonight feeling better about you!

Starve your distractions, FEED your FOCUS


Listened & read to some personal development stuff this morning & see a place I can improve.

The key is to conquer procrastination by removing all distractions the first 60-90 minutes of the work day. To turn off the phone, the email, put a “not available until…” on your office door (if you have one) & get laser focused on the hardest tasks first. I think this works well in all areas of life. We need to dedicate the best time of our morning to the tasks that have the most reward & impact.

For me, distractions are like the shiny object, I feel like I have ADD, it’s just lack of being intentional, which I will continually work on.

Commit to 60-90 minutes of uninterrupted, laser-focused work this morning & see how it impacts your day. I bet you have a better attitude, feel more accomplished & get more done in that time than others might get done all day !!!

Choose to Be Remembered

We get to CHOOSE to be remembered, to leave a legacy. I was looking at obituaries at one point & saw one specific to a man who was only remembered as an “avid gardener.” Now, I am not against his decisions but, for me, I don’t want to go 75-85 years through life & be unknown or worse, without any positive impact on people.

We should live more, push the envelope, live out of our comfort zones & takes our eyes of ourselves to see how we can help others…

CHOOSE to be remembered & make in impact!

Here is a guy, Greg Plitt, who did just that. He was a fitness model & did TV shows & motivational series to inspire people to be more. He did not know when his last day was coming and chose to live every day like it was his last…Very inspiring.