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The Legs Feed the Wolf


“The legs feed the wolf.” – Herb Brooks

Great movie…Miracle with Kurt Russell. He played Herb Brooks, Head Coach to the 1980 USA Men’s Hockey Team.

The context here was clear when he was talking to the team. He was telling them that if the really wanted to win, they would have to hustle harder than they ever had before. If a wolf wants to eat, he’s got to run hard.

Likewise with us, if we want to accomplish our goals, we, too have to hustle. Nothing worth having comes easy or for free.

Discipline: the Bridge between Goals & Accomplishment


Discipline is paramount.

We could have goals but without disciplined effort, they won’t happen.  We could do some work sporadically but without disciplined effort, goals don’t happen.

The key to discipline, I am finding, is being consistent doing simple, daily tasks that, seemingly, are inconsequential.  But, over time, they make ALL the difference.  Most people have great intentions & start off on the right foot but they get bored with the mundane tasks &, often times, quit.  The key is to have a clearly defined goal to keep us on track when it gets tough or boring.  THAT is how we succeed.

Action beats Intention


Action beats Intention.

Always loved this movie, For the Love of the Game w/ Kevin Costner. He plays a Detroit Tigers pitcher & when he was on the mound, before he would start bringing the heat, he would say, out loud to himself, “Clear the Mechanism.” It was his way to avoid all distractions so he could focus on the task at hand. That is how we should take action, not thinking about our intentions but rather focused on the goal & NOT the actual work we have to do.

Go take action today (myself included). Be 100% confident in yourself & go after your dreams, knowing they will come to pass!!!

Control What You Can Control


There’s only 2 things in life we can control: our attitude & our actions. I see so many people not succeeding because they are reactive in nature. They blame outside influences on their inability to succeed or reach certain goals in their lives. Yes, stuff is going to happen, it’s called life. BUT, it is how we think & how we respond to it that will determine the trajectory of our life.

Staying on track at all times isn’t easy, that I know. Remember, you don’t have to be on your A-game at all times to reach your goals, just more good days & good focus…

It’s a choice to have the right attitude, to not be a victim & commit to change. Taking personal responsibility & ownership, gradually, will help us start to see the success we desire.

Circumstance Reveals the Man


Character is who you are when no one is looking.

We cannot be defined by circumstance. Our identity cannot be found in our circumstance.  We must allow it to make us come alive at a whole new level. We are all going to deal with junk in our lives, it’s part of life. The beauty is we get to choose how we react to it: are we going to cower in fear & let it beat us or are we going to rise up, learn how to get through it with a good attitude?

For circumstance doesn’t define the man, it REVEALS the man.