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Relationship is REALLY what it’s all about…


Today being Sunday, think I’m going to theme it around what matters most to me…

Caution: a longer post but it’s from the heart so I don’t mind (2-5 minutes)…

The place where I get filled up, where I find peace, purpose, meaning & fulfillment. It’s not about a building, it’s about a relationship. It’s NOT religion because Jesus came to abolish that kind of thinking.

Jaded? Betrayed? Judged by the church? I’m sure you have been, I know plenty who have. EXACTLY the reason people seem turned off to the notion of God. I get it & I don’t blame you at all.

Know this: guilt, shame & condemnation are not the fruit of people who truly love & live for Jesus. Unfortunately, many churches might fall into this category. Christianity is NOT religion, it’s about a relationship. It’s about God loving us despite the fact we might not like Him, heck, might even hate Him. Maybe you blame God for something bad that happened in your life. That’s NOT God, that’s the enemy. Oh, he doesn’t exist? That’s his greatest accomplishment: getting people to blame God for all the bad stuff in the world. “The thief comes to steal, kill & destroy. Jesus said ‘I have come that they may have life & life more abundantly'” John 10:10

God loves you no matter what, He thinks you are amazing just the way you are. There is NOTHING you can do to earn His love.

It’s truly amazing. Knowing who you are in God & that your life has purpose & meaning & that He gave you unique talents & abilities to reach & connect with the world.

It’s not what you might think. I encourage you to be open to something you might not understand or question the possibility of the Truth I talk of.

The one thing I promise is this: if you are seeking, searching for meaning in life. If you feel like there is something missing & nothing seems to satisfy, it’s because nothing else can.

You will find if you truly seek with all of your heart!

Mistakes Can Be Good if We Have the Right Perspective…


Why do so many people work so hard to avoid making mistakes?  It really is a matter of perspective.

If a baby didn’t keep falling down when he/she tried to learn to walk, we would all be crawling around.  Interestingly, so many people are crawling through life, frustrated & dejected about the failures or mistakes they are experiencing.

​I believe we will continue to experience those same negative moments UNLESS we begin to learn from our mistakes & failures.  When we apply the things we learn, we begin on a path of growth, accomplishment, increased self confidence & success.

Failing forward is the RIGHT way to approach life.  Learning from mistakes & applying that which we are learning speeds up our ability to reach the goals we have set for ourselves &, ultimately, the success that is important to us.

Choose wisely!!!


The Valley is Where Real Change Happens!


Great quote by Winston Churchill.

We all want to live our lives on the top of the mountain but what makes the success so rewarding are the rough patches along the way that prune us, hone our skills & make us stronger.

Personally, I always want to avoid the valley & skip to the summit but that’s not realistic. The valley is where we are tested to see if we have the mental toughness, maturity & the staying power to assume the responsibilities we will have at the summit.

Let’s get the right perspective of the valleys & know we can learn from them. In as much as I don’t want to all the time, it is the right thing to do.