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Live By Faith


Indiana Jones movies have always been among my favorites. Love the story lines, the toughness & grit. This scene really stuck with me. Indy’s dad was dying & he had to take a leap of faith across, what seemed to be a chasm he could not cross. His decision to rely on faith more than his fear guided him because he had a strong reason for doing so (saving his dad’s life with the chalice used by Jesus to drink wine out of it during The Lord’s Supper).

Much like in our own lives, we might let our fears overtake & paralyze us from taking action. Fear of what people think, fear of the negative outcome or just fear of the unknown. For myself, I’ve let fears rule too long & I had to just trust, by faith, that everything would work out. Fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real, it’s just smoke & mirrors.

Faith is “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen,” as referenced in the book of Romans. Faith is believing in something you cannot see & that those good things we want to have will come to fruition if we take action with the right heart & attitude.

As Martin Luther King Jr. stated, “Faith is taking that first step even when you cannot see the whole staircase.”

When we have something we desire to have happen, we must learn to live by faith. Then, when we act on it, it absolutely brings about the results we are looking for. Maybe not always immediately but, for sure, over the long haul. Take a leap of faith in some area in your life this next week & see how life begins to bend in your favor.


Which one are YOU?


I’m big on personal development. That doesn’t mean I have it all figured out, just that I’m working on being better every day. One common theme I read in many success-principled books is the fact that successful people make decisions quickly & change them slowly. That, the majority of people in this world rarely make decisions & when they do, they change them often.

Decisions are what transform our ideas into reality. I believe that everyone has great aims in life, they just need to learn to pull the trigger.

The key to success is to be decisive. Review your goals, your plans & be sure they are right for you, that they don’t conflict with your morals or values. If they don’t, then DECIDE to get started, right where you are. Take action, immediately. Don’t get ready to get ready, don’t get analysis paralysis or information constipation – that stuff will just stop you dead in your tracks. Trust me, I know, I’ve been really good at it 🙂 Remember, a man with one watch knows what time it is; a man with two is never quite sure !!! Be DECISIVE !!! I am learning to be more decisive & not question my motives & intentions. That I mean well & have a big dream on my heart to impact a lot of people in a positive way, in a way that God would be proud. There’s nothing to be ashamed with about that.

What decision do YOU need to make today? Make that decision & what you will find is the entire world will move out of your way to help you accomplish it. That’s what happens, we see successful people & wonder “how did they have it so easy?” No, they made a decision & committed to it. They worked really hard & over time, everything aligned to help them accomplish it.



Is Your Focus in the Right Place?


STATUS is Still Too Arrogant To Understand Success.

A life filled with pursuing things is a life that will not have peace, joy & true fulfillment. The constant setting of the next goal to get the next thing will only leave us empty because we are not attaining something that helps us fulfill our true potential & purpose.

Life is NOT about stuff.

​It is about identifying our strengths & leverage them to make a positive impact on this world. It is about building great relationships, it is about adding value to the people around us every day. It is about using our unique talents & abilities to bring greatness to the world around us.

A life filled with pursuing personal excellence & serving those around us is a life that will lead to true fulfillment & purpose.