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Is it time for CHANGE?


There comes a time when we must get honest with ourselves.

When we must look at our lives & the situations we are in & evaluate if we are truly where we want to be. If not, then we MUST do something about it.

We are NEVER too old to change & do something new. There are people in their 60’s who created industry-altering products (like Colonel Sanders w/ KFC).

If you are not where you want to be, then it’s time to go off somewhere quiet & evaluate what it is you truly want.

It is your duty, obligation and responsibility to make the necessary changes and get the job done.

You CAN do it!!!


Humble Promotion of something I believe will add value…


Not promoting this for my benefit, I promise. I was looking at my Instagram account & was like, “you know, there is A LOT of wisdom that, when applied, can make amazing changes to someone’s life.”

Have a follow…been at Instagram for over a year & working hard to remain consistent. I pray it blesses someone.

Go to YOUR birthday & see if the post of the day resonates…