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The School of Hard Knocks


I am proud to fail forward.  How about you?

It is not a question people might expect.  Why would you want to fail at all?  Well, failure is not the opposite of success, it is the complement of it.

So many are taught to avoid failure at all costs.  But, that does not prepare anyone for the reality of the real world.  We are ALL going to fail at different stages of our lives.  The question is:  how are we going to handle it when we experience it?

As an an entrepreneur, you have to have thick skin and have a significant level of emotional stability.  You cannot let things rattle you or take you off course, off of focusing on the goal at hand.  This really can be applied to anyone in life.  If you are working to accomplish something, the best thing to do is to stay relentlessly focused on the goal & rid all distractions.

At the end of the day, life is the ultimate teacher and we must accept that things will not always go our way.  But, if our hearts are right and our mindset is right, we will persevere!!!

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Change starts with a decision


Change starts with a decision.

We must commit to things that are uncomfortable if we are to have the life we desire.

It’s so important to slow down to speed up. To invest the time to figure out what we want most & then prioritize our thoughts & actions around the things that will help us with that achievement.

Just like the old hound dog sitting on the porch, howling away because a nail is sticking up, poking him in the foot.  The pain isn’t great enough to get up yet.  It’s when the pain of where we are experiencing becomes greater than the pain of what we must to do overcome is when real change takes place.