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Having vision is what propels us forward


“A man without vision will always return to his past.”

This, in itself, is a very strong statement. It really does require a considerable amount of thought and reflection to truly understand its implications.

There is an old proverb in the Bible that says “man without vision shall perish.” Nothing could be further from the truth. It does not mean literal perishing. Rather, it means that the life a person lived without having vision will be marked with struggle, anxiety and a lack of fulfillment and purpose.

We live in a society today where everybody is grappling with the notion of what is their purpose and meaning in life. Vision plays a huge role because you have to know where you’re headed and what your purpose is in order to for fulfill your destiny.

I read a quote that has never left my mind. It said “you cannot drive forward looking in the rearview mirror.” Unfortunately, most people live looking at their past mistakes, failures and circumstances rather than looking positively to their future. There is so much of the mindset of “I wish I had done this or that.”  Living a life of regret is not living at all.

This is where vision comes in. I wholeheartedly believe that God places a vision for our life in us – it’s our responsibility to grow and nurture it and figure it out.

Having a clear vision for your life breathes excitement and possibilities, direction and purpose into everything that we do. It is our responsibility to get away from all of the noise and be introspective, and even pray when necessary, to tap into those areas in your life that have largely been left untouched.

Most of us are very busy and rarely take time to rest and be still. This is perhaps a challenging place for my life and I find myself struggling to sit still and be quiet. Fortunately, I am extremely thankful to know the vision for my life and how I can leverage my unique talents and abilities to make a positive impact on the people around me in the world as a whole.

Your goal should be to pursue identifying the vision for your life that also leverages your strengths, your skills and abilities where you can make a positive impact on this world as well. It will give you a sense of purpose and excitement when you have a clear vision for your own life.

Make a commitment to go off somewhere and reflect on the areas of your life that you have found the most fulfillment and enjoyment and start to piece together the things you did and accomplished using your own abilities. When those meet, it will give you a clear sense of how you can live your life on purpose with vision.

Having a vision will propel your life forward and unique doors of opportunity will present themselves to you as you step into this new chapter in your life.

I am supremely confident that you have amazing gifts that you can use to for fill yourself and make an amazing impact on others around you.

It is always darkest before dawn!


I am aware of a few friends that are going through some extremely challenging times. What that tells me is there are plenty more probably going through situations that seem hopeless or never ending.

My encouragement to any of you that can relate to this is to get the right perspective and realize that it is always the hardest right before your breakthrough.

You simply have to keep fighting, keep moving forward to the best of your ability and believe that your victory is imminently coming your direction.

You will get through this!

What is Faith, really?



Great thought from Mark Batterson in Chasing the Lion. His books are truly eye opening & life altering.

Faith is truly extraordinary. It requires unwavering belief in something you cannot see but absolutely knowing it will happen.

Do you have faith that the soon-to-be-here 2018 will be the best year yet? Do you have faith your career will advance this next year?  Do you have faith you will reach your goal weight?

The common denominator in all these is the idea we must take action in order for our faith to even have a chance.  Fear & doubt cannot exist where faith & belief are.  Faith & belief only exist for the individual who takes action.  Action is the true measure of faith.  Without it, faith is simply a wish for something better.

Believe you can do more.  Believe you can be more.  Believe you deserve more and are worthy of more.  Go out and take action!!!