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Business Owners: What are you doing with your Google Business page???

SEO Tip: optimize your Google My Business listing properly

Every business today has a website, not every business has a Google My Business (GMB) listing, and, not every business has a well-optimized Google business page.

Treat it like your second website, be sure everything is filled out, match your main category to your top-ranked competitors, add photos regularly, even add to the new blog post feature once a week.

The more “love” you give to your Internet presence, the more reason Google has to come back, read it & re-rank you.  This is the world we live in now…consistency will keep your business relevant in a world of noise.

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Make sure you are telling Google what your website is about!!!

on-page SEO checklist

SEO TIP:  Are you properly telling Google what your website is about? Are you telling Google what each of your pages are about?

Now, Google is smart enough these days to figure this out by reading through the content on your site pages BUT, after much testing & positive results, I am 100% confident having strong on-page SEO is vital to your business success online.

Your “title tags,” or “meta titles” as they are called are important. You must get these dialed in properly. Same goes for your page titles and also for the “chapter headings” on your pages, otherwise known as H1, H2, H3 tags etc…

Same goes for the rest of your content, photo optimization (alt text) etc…

A well-structured website will highlight the right info & give Google direction how to navigate & assist in improved rankings…

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Optimize Your YouTube videos to help grow your business…

People are visual learners. In fact, 72% of learning can be contributed to visual aids. Video is a powerful tool that not enough people are utilizing in their business.

It can seem overwhelming to get your message out & do it consistently given all your other responsibilities in your business. If you can commit to 1-2 videos per week, 60-90 seconds long, and optimize them properly, it can help grow your business.

This video is designed to show you how you can optimize your YouTube videos to a geographic area as well as other tips. Video should be part of your marketing strategy & YouTube, seeing it is owned by Google, should be central to it.

Do NOT worry about being perfect & scripted. If you stumble over your words the first few times and the lighting isn’t right or your voice is off, like mine is in this one, don’t worry about it. People want authenticity and will respond to you BETTER with all your flaws and imperfections. Social media is like a first date: people trying to impress everyone but that is NOT reality.

Be real, be raw, be passionate about what you do & offer great tips & suggestions that can truly help people & you CANNOT fail!!!


If you are a business owner looking to really grow this year, you undoubtedly want to improve how your business is ranking on Google.

That being said, ranking by itself is not enough. Prospective customers could land on your website but if you don’t have a strong and compelling conversion strategy, your website is simply costing you money.

​ Here is a simple conversion strategy that you should study and implement right away.

Commit to using VIDEO in 2018!!!

SEO Tip: Use Video!!! 72% of people are visual learners.
If your business offers a service, start thinking of tips and suggestions of tremendous value that you can offer people. They will start to see you as an authority and rely on you when they need services you provide.

That being said, start recording 60-90 seconds videos with your iPhone/Android phone & upload to YouTube. Embed them on your website, add them to your Google listing with a brief description, add them to your Facebook Business page.

Google owns YouTube so the more video you use, the more Google will start ranking you BUT your videos MUST be optimized.

DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN OPTIMIZE & RANK YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS??? (ask me about how to do it right)

Add in a Facebook Live session once per week & get even higher engagement…

Set a goal to do 1 per week, then 2 per week – that’s 50-100 pieces of valuable content per year.

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