Getting to the Heart of the Matter…

Getting to the Heart of the Matter…

Just a thought.

This life can be tough. Like Rocky said, “it can beat you to your knees if you let it.”

It’s a daily fight to be better, do better, make a difference, add value, impact people in a positive way.

It’s a daily fight to stay positive, to believe in yourself, to keep fighting to move forward.

The fact is, we CANNOT do this on our own. Each of us has unique talents & abilities, given to us by God. Those are His gift to us. Our gift back to Him is what we do with them to reach people in a way He would be pleased.

This guy, Todd White, has been foundational in my development in my spiritual walk, as a husband, as a father, as a business owner. He is real and raw & is as humble as they come. He has a huge reach now because he has stayed the course & God is blessing Him with the ability to reach more people.

If you are struggling, wondering how to get ahead, to not be depressed, to believe in yourself and that you have value and worth, I encourage you to watch/listen..