Okay with honesty?  I am not perfect nor do I have everything figured out.  I make mistakes all the time, falling down only to get back up and fail forward.  There are plenty of successful business owners out there who do more or even make more money than I do but I am not in a place where I desire to compete with anyone or compare my life to theirs. 


I am proudly married to my beautiful wife of 15 years and blessed with two amazing children.  I love the outdoors, health & fitness and personal development as a means to enhance my mindset and effectively accomplish our goals. With the style of business we’ve built, and the fact that we homeschool the kids, we are blessed to reside in Florida half the year and Upstate New York the other half.


My career over the past 20 years has taken me through a number of industries, where I have amassed a wide variety of professional skills and experience in the following areas: ​

  • business management
  • sales
  • sales training
  • business coaching and training
  • consulting
  • marketing
  • business development
  • digital advertising
  • search engine optimization
  • web development
  • public speaking
I have had the privilege to do 1000’s of business presentations over the years.  I am passionate to help business professionals overcome the areas where they might feel stuck.  To help them realize that they have way more potential than they thought.   To help them get unstuck and actualize the seeds of greatness within them.   NOTHING is more fulfilling than to see people come alive and live out their potential, contributing in a positive way to those around them, both in business and in their personal lives.

Currently, I manage the daily operations of the SEO company we founded.  Our commitment to our clients is to help them get a strong Return on Investment (ROI) by implementing our aggressive and tested methodology that will improve a businesses’ visibility on the Internet in as little as a couple weeks.  Further, I maintain a business consultancy providing coaching and training services to business owners, advising them how to make the necessary adjustments to grow revenue in as little as two to four weeks.  The goal is to help all our clients attain a strong return on investment (ROI) to effectively grow their businesses.

Finally, I have learned over the years that success is NOT an amount of money.  Rather, it is developing authentic relationships and creating memories.  As a Christian, I realize that it is about achieving peace, joy and fulfillment in all areas of life, based on an obedient, trusting relationship with God.   Because of this relationship, I have learned through faith to recognize the potential each of us has within us and then act on that faith by drawing out that potential to make this world a better place, in a way I believe He desires.  This is the balance I work diligently to attain at a more profound level with each passing year.

Looking forward to partnering with you and helping you realize your business goals and dreams…

– Ed Weidman