Perspective Changes Everything!

Perspective Changes Everything!

Monday morning rant!

We all have times where we get burned out or frustrated when we do not get the results we want.

That is when we must focus on WHY we are doing what we are doing. It cannot just be about money. Your goal MUST be emotional, it must fire you up. It must be important to you enough so that you never back off until you accomplish it.

YES you are going to get Nos, YES you are going to be hung up on. YES, you are going to have a business owner tell you they are on board & then back out last minute.

Been there, done that.

Is your goal more important than some guy who tells you to get lost?

Focus on your WHY & NEVER let it out of your sight. VISION is being able to see what others don’t see.

Most people never said goals, they never speak positive things over their lives and businesses. Put yourself in a position of positive mindset, belief & expectation & go get what is owed to you. The harder you work, the more you will demand your success.

You guys can DO this !

NOTE: it is not how many business I have to call, it is how many businesses I GET to call. We live in a country where we GET to enterprise, we GET to own our own businesses & accomplish our dreams. it is all about perspective. There are BILLIONS of people around the world who will NEVER have the opportunities we have. We should wear our activity as a badge of honor & be excited about what we GET to do so we can accomplish what is important to us!

Celebrating Veterans Day 2018

Celebrating Veterans Day 2018

To all you men and women who have served & sacrificed your time, your energy and, in many cases, the ultimate with your lives.

Thank you for being responsible, unwavering, dedicated & committed to fight for freedom for those incapable or unwilling to.

You are what make America great and you are what keep us free to live in the greatest country in the world.

I am thankful and grateful for you!

Happy Veterans Day 2018!

Getting to the Heart of the Matter…

Getting to the Heart of the Matter…

Just a thought.

This life can be tough. Like Rocky said, “it can beat you to your knees if you let it.”

It’s a daily fight to be better, do better, make a difference, add value, impact people in a positive way.

It’s a daily fight to stay positive, to believe in yourself, to keep fighting to move forward.

The fact is, we CANNOT do this on our own. Each of us has unique talents & abilities, given to us by God. Those are His gift to us. Our gift back to Him is what we do with them to reach people in a way He would be pleased.

This guy, Todd White, has been foundational in my development in my spiritual walk, as a husband, as a father, as a business owner. He is real and raw & is as humble as they come. He has a huge reach now because he has stayed the course & God is blessing Him with the ability to reach more people.

If you are struggling, wondering how to get ahead, to not be depressed, to believe in yourself and that you have value and worth, I encourage you to watch/listen..

Transparency is where results happen

Transparency is where results happen

We live in a fast-paced world.  A world where many people cut corners, lie, cheat and steal.  Not looking to be negative but we all know it is the truth.

Lost seem to be the virtues of honesty and integrity.  Honor, trust, faith, going the extra mile and transparency.

I firmly believe that, to succeed in business today, it requires a confidence in your skills AND being openly honest and transparent with your prospects and clients.  People are NOT used to it.  Most business owners I talk to tell me they have been burned, promised the world and then lied to.  Commitments broken, money wasted, leaving a bad taste in their mouths.

Transparency and honesty WILL change your business because it will change the quality of your business relationships.  Be the person who tells the truth, stands firm to a commitment, who shares what others will not.  That has ALWAYS been my business philosophy, but one I could only implement fully when I started my business.  I answer to myself alone & can do business the RIGHT way.

I am always transparent, I am always honest and I am committed to overcommunicating,to the point I might share to much.  My philosophy is that my clients and prospects do not have to wonder what I am thinking, what I am doing or why I am doing it.  They know EXACTLY how & why.

I feel like it is a breath of fresh air to business owners when you are willing to show all your cards & just let them make a decision if they see value in what you do and how you can help them.

Commit to transparency in your business and watch what happens?

Got a scenario you have done this?  What happened?  How did it turn out?  Share below…

The pain of discipline vs the pain of regret

The pain of discipline vs the pain of regret

The pain of discipline vs the pain of regret.

It’s a decision. It’s all about perspective. Will we focus on being disciplined & choose to align ourselves with our goals & work to achieve them now?

Or, will we procrastinate. Will we tell ourselves “someday I will get to that.”

Just a reminder “someday” is NO day.

If we focus on the former stated commitment of disciplined work ethic, we will it get to the end of our lives and regret that we didn’t do what we wanted.

Are your daily decisions taking you closer to your goals or further away? It’s the little daily decisions that make all the difference.

Don’t Wait!!!

fulfill your potential through business coaching and mentorship

We live in a society where so many people live with the mindset of “I’ll get to that tomorrow,” or “someday I will do that.”

What a tragedy.

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow.  I know that all too well.  My stepmom passed away suddenly two weeks ago today & it sent our family into a whirlwind of emotions & pondering life, purpose, meaning, relationships & making a difference.

We MUST live today.  “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift which is why it is called the present.”  Today is all we have.  We must live like we do not have tomorrow because, the truth is, we just do not know.  We should go to bed at night with our head on our pillows, feeling like we gave the day a great effort, leaving it all on the table.

You wonder why so many people are left unfulfilled, unhappy, empty, bored and unfocused.  Because we all know we have more inside of us then we are using.  I read in Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill many years ago, “all unhappiness stems from the lack of unachieved potential.”  In other words, we DO know we can do more, be more, give more, become more and don’t.  And when we don’t, we are completely dissatisfied, even subsconsciously disappointed in ourselves.  Hence, the reason, often, for so much depression and anger in our society.

I urge you to give life all you have.  Be willing to fail but fail forward.  Learn from your mistakes and apply what you learn to become better.  When dealing with adversity and struggle, do not ask, “why is this happening to me?”  Instead, ask “what can I learn through this, what am I missing that I can do to get over this obstacle faster?”

Perspective is EVERYTHING.

Attitude is EVERYTHING.


You CAN succeed and fulfill your potential.  You CAN be the first in your family to succeed in your career or business.  You CAN make a positive impact in this world.  But, you must first BELIEVE & know that you have inherent value and worth.  You have unique talents & abilities that God gave you as a gift.  Your gift back to Him is what you do with them.

Be YOU.  Use YOUR uniqueness to impact this world.  Don’t procrastinate and have wishful thinking.  Do not live a life of regret.  Discipline yourself to keep pushing forward.  The only way you fail is if you quit.  Be known for your tenacity, your optimism, your resilience, your relentless consistency to change yourself, your life & this world.

You have seeds of greatness within you.  You MUST cultivate them.

You CAN do this.

You were born to.

What are you focusing on?


What are you focusing on?

If you are going to succeed in your business, or in any area of life for that matter, you have to focus on the right stuff.

Are you feeding your fears & doubts or are you feeding your faith & belief in your ability to grow your business & succeed?

One will derail you, the other, will get you to that place that brings fulfillment, peace & success.

What you focus on is what you get. Take inventory of your thoughts & words & see if they are helping or hurting you.

Thoughts ARE things & we must learn to think & focus on the right stuff.

What do you think? What is your biggest challenge you find yourself in & what are you saying?

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The group is designed to help business owners/entrepreneurs enhance their business mindset, perspective, prospecting, sales, presentation, ROI, pipeline management etc… skills to succeed at a higher level by being more effective and intentional with every action taken in their businesses.

We are planning for amazing things in this group moving forward !!! See you inside !!!

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New Business Owner? No Credibility Yet? Follow this advice…

grow your business by partnering with others

After a number of great chats with business owners this past week, I am seeing another VERY common issue.

And, it is one that can be seen across all different industries…

The concern of a “newer” business owner/professional who does not have tangible evidence of their credibility. Meaning, they do not have verifiable results or a client base they have been able to deliver a successful service for.

When you are new in business & are looking to tell people you offer services but don’t have documented evidence that you have been successfully serving others, what happens?

You likely are lacking self confidence or belief that you can help someone. You are like a deer in headlights, frozen because you don’t know how to proceed.

TRUE? Absolutely…

The way to handle this is to be honest & transparent. “Mr. Prospect, I have been investing heavily in my education & training & am passionate to help you accomplish your goals. What I want you to know is I am PARTNERED with some great people who I can leverage as resources to help me in the process of providing high quality services to you that will exceed your expectations.”

In other words, “I am new but committed to hard work & I’ve got people who have my back to help me get you results.”

It is totally okay to do this. In fact, I recommend it. People will appreciate your honesty…Lean on the resources behind you until you establish your own credibility & results.

Thoughts/comments/feedback ???

Doing Business Old-School is a Good Thing

in-person meeting

BUSINESS TIP: Doing business face-to-face is better than over the phone or online.

If you CAN meet with a business prospect in person, DO IT.

Sure, technology allows us to leverage our time & be more effective BUT it can remove the personal factor that is needed.

Meeting in person allows your true colors, your passion, your commitment to serve that prospect come out. They cannot see it over the phone. Further, it allows you to see your prospect’s reaction to conversation which can be used to settle concerns & direct to an agreement.

Don’t use tech as a crutch. Be smart & meet in person whenever you can!!!