I believe life is meant to be lived with passion.  Passion makes dreams come to fruition, passion wins ball games, passion wins business, passion & heart make for a great movie, passion brings out that raw talent meant for the world to see.

I believe God designed us with unlimited potential to serve & inspire the world.  We all have junk in our lives that can hold us back.  But, with a focus on “renewing our minds” on a consistent, daily basis, we begin to tap into that unlimited reservoir of abilities where we can make a dent in our universe &, in the process, find peace, joy & fulfillment in our own lives.

We must develop an insatiable desire to pursue excellence in all areas of life.  First comes a decision to change.  From there, it’s a matter of managing that decision daily.  I believe living a passion-based life & pursuing excellence only comes through consistent, disciplined personal development.  Associating with the great minds of the past & present will make a huge impact.

Recommended books can be found below…